An attempt to do for hair stylists what "This Is Spinal Tap" did for heavy metal, "The Big Tease" is a middling mockumentary about a naive and falsely confident Glasgow beauty shop owner who flies to Los Angeles for a world champion hair competition (!), only to discover he's not really invited.

Co-written by and starring Craig Ferguson (the British boss on "The Drew Carey Show"), this comedy of the uncomfortable traces the emotional rollercoaster ride of flamboyant hairdresser Crawford Mackenzie, whose ego takes a beating when a back-stabbing, plastic personality publicist (Mary McCormack) explains his RSVP is for reserved seats in the audience, not on stage.

It's a courtesy sent to all members of WHIF (the World Hairdressing International Federation), and Mackenzie soon discovers it doesn't entitle him to a complimentary room at the Four Seasons, either. So after being thrown out, he and a BBC crew -- which tagged along thinking this would be a big story back home -- find themselves camped out in a crappy San Fernando Valley motel while our hero hairdresser makes desperate, frantic and humiliating attempts to force his way into the tournament for the coveted "Platinum Scissors."

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