Catherine Zeta-Jones and Kirk Douglas have joined forces in an effort to help their stepson and grandchild avoid a lengthy jail spell.
The two stars are among the family and friends who have sent letters to Manhattan's Federal Court in New York, urging the judge overseeing Cameron Douglas' drug dealing trial to be lenient.
In his letter, Spartacus star Douglas writes he hopes to see his grandson turn his life around "before I die" and he goes on to recall a recent trip he took from his home in Los Angeles to see the incarcerated actor son of Michael Douglas in New York, stating, "He didn't express any self-pity, nor did he ask for any. The only sorrow he expressed was for the trouble he had caused others."
The 93-year-old star adds, "I'm convinced Cameron could be a fine actor... I hope I can see that happen before I die. I love Cameron."
And the jailed drug dealer's stepmother, Zeta-Jones, insists the 31 year old is "a considerate, worthy human being" in her letter, which was obtained by the Associated Press.
Douglas has pleaded guilty to charges of dealing methamphetamine. He faces more than 10 years behind bars. He'll be sentenced next week (beg12Apr10).