Catherine Zeta-Jones slept in a cupboard when she first arrived in Los Angeles.

The Welsh actress moved to the US in the mid-90s to launch a big screen acting career and was initially staying at a friend's large Malibu house.

However, she was scared to stay at the huge home on her own so she started sleeping in a cupboard.

She said: "When I first arrived in Los Angeles I stayed at my friend's Big House in Malibu for a while. Every night I'd lie awake listening to all the creaks and funny little noises the house makes. Then one night the gates began swinging for no reason. When you close them they automatically latch, but not this night. It was definitely a bit creepy, especially when you live on your own like I did. So I hid I was so scared that I slept in a cupboard!"

Although the 41-year-old actress has come a long way from sleeping in a wardrobe, she admits it was hard work getting her first big break in Hollywood.

Catherine - who is married to screen star Michael Douglas - said: "There's an unbelievable hierarchy out there. If you're not on a certain rung of the ladder you don't even get to read the material.

"I try not to rely on any kind of beauty. That's why I try to put a certain oomph into my performances, some fun and physicality. I want to be here for the long run."