Catherine Zeta-Jones makes her children go to Butlin's.

The 'Rock of Ages' actress is worth £117million but chooses to send her kids, with actor husband Michael Douglas, to the budget British holiday camps.

She admitted the first trips to the resort in south Wales were a shock for Dylan, 11, and Carys, nine, who were brought up in Bermuda.

She said: ''They've been on the beach when it's been horizontal rain in Swansea. They can't believe it, they're on the beach and it's raining.''

The 42-year-old had her first taste of fame when she won a Butlin's talent contest and she claimed that, despite being a showbiz A-lister, she is just a regular woman.

She added: ''I'm much more down to earth than people think, especially with the whole Hollywood royalty name tag and the lifestyle I lead.

''You know, I've worked very hard for it and I appreciate it but I'm certainly not a snob, and I don't take anything for granted.''

Catherine was admitted to hospital in April for bipolar disorder after her 67-year-old husband's battle with throat cancer.

She said: ''I'm in a much better place now. Things are going great and long may they continue because it's been a tough road. But it's a road that millions of people go down every day.''