Catherine Zeta-Jones had an embarrassing perm as a teenager.

The 'RED 2' actress is known for her stunning looks and glamorous outfits, but admits she went through a less stylish phase as a young girl in Swansea, Wales, opting for wild a hairdo which she was ridiculed for at school.

She said: ''I used to perm it up. And it got so bad that a teacher, who thought he was extremely funny, said, 'Well, Catherine Zeta will have to be sitting in the back today because with that perm, no one can see the blackboard.'

''I thought I looked so cool, but he cut me right down!''

However, the 43-year-old beauty's fashion faux-pas don't end there.

Catherine was a huge fan of 80s pop star Adam Ant - who was known for his eccentric use of make-up - and even emulated his signature look by sporting a white stripe across her nose.

In an interview on US talk show 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon', she explained: ''You know what, those were the 80s and there's so many horror pics of all of us who grew up in that time. Do you remember Adam Ant? I used to walk around with a white strip across my nose for weeks and weeks!''

The Welsh actress now has two children - Dylan, 12, and 10-year-old daughter Carys - with actor Michael Douglas and says the pre-teens can be a handful.

She lamented: ''My kids are 12 and 10. Just getting my son to cut his hair is a thing. And then my daughter wants long hair, she wants her ears pierced and says she's the only person in the class [without them].''