Jumpers for goal posts. Duvets for sound booths. Tights and coat hangers for pop shields. In a refreshingly minimalist and resourceful approach to recording Catherine A.D (Anne Davies) has 'gone back to the source' and done little with her original recordings other than adding texture with some layered vocals. 'Skeleton Songs' is Catherine's 4th EP release, her previous 3 having been whilst completing her English Lit degree. The multi-instrumentalist who thankfully chose an 8-track recorder over driving lessons may have already come to your attention having collaborated with Nitin Sawhney for the reopening of the Royal Festival Hall. Now an 'Emerging Artist In Residence' there she is set to enthral a larger audience.

The five songs on the Ep are fabulously atmospheric and emotive. There is occasionally an uneasy sense of foreboding and tension that is created within some of the tracks that casts a somewhat dark and sinister shadow. Others play light against dark musically and lyrically, but all are tremendously evocative.

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