Cate Blanchett spent her first pay cheque on an Armani suit.

The 'Curious Case of Benjamin Button' star - who recently signed a $10 million contract to be the face of Armani's Si fragrance - has confessed she blew her first ever job payment in the Armani men's tailoring department.

Cate told Canada's ELLE magazine: ''When I emerged from drama school with my very first pay cheque, I bought an Armani suit, which I still have - and still wear!''

Aside from having a successful acting career, Cate is also highly recognised by many high fashion designers. So much so that Karl Lagerfeld created two bespoke Chanel Boucle jackets for Cate's role in 'Blue Jasmine' with just two days notice.

Despite this Cate remains modest, telling the publication: ''I like the simplicity of what some people might find mundane: school lunches, cooking, walking the dog''.

The 44-year-old blonde likes to take care of herself and prides herself on her consistent skincare routine.

She told Marie Claire online: ''Find a good multi-vitamin. And for me it's also consistency.

''Being an actress, you have a lot of different products on your skin, and that's one thing for beauty, but for skincare, I find that the consistency has really paid off for me.''