Cate Blanchett loves wearing men's suits.

'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' actress likes the feel of male fashion, and has always liked to mix both masculine and feminine looks together.

She told The Sunday Times newspaper: ''It's hard to describe my own style. I think it's probably quite eclectic. Even in high school, I wore men's suits. I was always in men's jackets, men's pants, which I'd get my mum to adjust. Ultimately, it's about great tailoring, but I love the mix of masculine and feminine, playing with traditional men's silhouettes.''

The Australian star also likes to add to her mystique with fragrance, because she loves how evocative it can be.

She added: ''Fragrance is such a mood changer, because it is so full of memory and desire and aspiration. That's why people purchase fragrance, they think, 'I'd love to walk through that door'. it transports me backwards, but it can also change the way I feel.

''My mother wore a lot of fragrance. She chopped and changed. I'm just realising that people inherently have a natural smell. I notice it when my children come out of the shower.''