Cate Blanchett has launched a film competition in her native Australia encouraging youngsters to step behind the camera to raise awareness of homelessness.
The Oscar-winning actress launched The Oasis: Homeless Short Film Competition in Sydney on Wednesday (06Apr11) to coincide with the country's Young Homelessness Matters Day.
Aspiring young filmmakers are asked to create a three-minute movie about the plight of homeless youngsters and the winner will receive a grant of more than $25,000 (£15,600) for their school, according to the Aap.
Blanchett says, "Film and theatre and the visual arts I really strongly believe have an exceptional and unique capacity to spread important social issues and help produce change in our community. I'd like to encourage school students - both primary and secondary - to not only pick up a camera and participate in the competition but to use the education resource and to delve into the issues and make outstanding films.
"Films that raise awareness, tell really inspiring stories and provide solutions that not only touch our hearts, but provoke us into making real action... These kids who pick up these cameras will be the strategists and policy makers and artists of the future."
The winners will be announced in November (11).