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Tom Hanks Bails Out Martin Short After Fender-bender

Martin Short has Tom Hanks to thank for bailing him out of a recent fender-bender, revealing the Cast Away star calmed the angry driver down by offering to hear his movie pitch.The Father of the...

Beyonce Lost Weight On Water Diet

Singing sensation BEYONCE KNOWLES lived on a diet of water with cayenne pepper to lose weight for her role in movie DREAMGIRLS. The 24-year-old star lost 20 pounds (9 kilograms), to play the super-svelte DEENA...

Madonna Voted Worst Rock-star Actor Of All Time

MADONNA's often-criticised movie career has landed her a new title - as the Worst Rock-Star Actor of All Time. While the Michigan native has enjoyed phenomenal success as a pop superstar, Madonna's efforts on...

Tom Hanks' Health Scare

Movie star TOM HANKS has been ordered to lose weight or risk a heart attack. The FORREST GUMP star famously shed the pounds to play a FedEx boss stranded on a deserted island in...

Elephant Man Crowned The Most Extreme Screen Makeover

Hollywood actor JOHN HURT's portrayal of THE ELEPHANT MAN has been voted the most extreme screen makeover of all time. Hurt was nominated for an Oscar in 1980 for his excruciating portrayal of tragically...

Miss Cast Away In Wrangle With Cast Away

A movie featuring MICHAEL JACKSON has been caught up in a wrangle with bosses of TON HANKS' hit 2000 movie CAST AWAY. ISLAND PRODUCTIONS' BRIAN STOLLER, producer of MISS CAST AWAY, has been put...

Legal Problems Thwart Jackson's Movie Career

Pop mega-star MICHAEL JACKSON's extreme legal problems may have thwarted his attempt to relaunch his career as a film star. The BLACK OR WHITE singer was delighted with his 10-minute appearance in director...

Jackson Film In Trouble

Bosses at TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX are attempting to keep MICHAEL JACKSON's new movie MISS CAST AWAY out of cinemas because the title is too close to their hit TOM HANKS film CAST AWAY. Director...

Day Lewis Is Most Extreme Star

DANIEL DAY LEWIS has been named Hollywood's Most Daring Movie Star in a new poll of extreme actors and actresses. The Irish star, who is famous for going to great lengths to capture his...

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