ELVIRA is set to return to television after spending decades off the air. The original show, 'Elvira's Movie MACabre', ran from 1981 to 1990 and starred Cassandra Peterson as the goth queen 'Elvira' who would use her quick-wit and comical nature to discuss horror movies.
59-year-old Peterson is set to reprise her role as the vampish Elvira in a new show that will run for 26 episodes on the CW network. The actress told TheLantern.com that she tried to bring back the show sooner, but to no avail, saying, "I decided to come back to TV 20 years ago, but nobody wanted to do the show", before adding, "I think it's gonna be still pretty damn funny and hip and crazy. It's pretty off-the-wall. Many people liken my show to a car wreck". 'Elvira's Movie MACabre' has often been compared to the show 'Mystery Science Theatre 3000', but Peterson says her series was the inspiration for the latter, saying, "I hate to brag, but my show was actually the forerunner to that show. I'm coming back to take their slot".
Since 'Movie MACabre', Peterson has appeared in numerous 'Elvira' themed shows, most recently, 'The Search for the Next Elvira', a reality show that aired in 2006.