Cascada star NATALIE HORLER was left petrified after coming into contact with an obsessed fan.
The singer turned to her management for help after she began receiving alarming messages from a man who was desperate to meet and romance her.
And her minders were so concerned for her safety, they pleaded with him to seek professional help.
Horler says, "This guy was sending me messages that were so over the top and he was so obsessed. He got it into his own mind frame that he was going to go out with me. Actually, it's very sad but he was suicidal. My manager was such a sweetheart, because normally you can't deal with every person, but he felt it was so serious that he ended up persuading him to go to a therapist."
The frontwoman admits she was desperate to be kept in the dark, fearing she would become emotionally wrapped up in the details: "My manager actually spoke to his therapist. I didn't want to hear more about it. I can't get involved personally as it was very intense and wouldn't have been wise. In the end, he went into therapy and I believe that was the best thing."