Carrie Underwood is to replace Faith Hill on Sunday Night Football – err, not as a host, she’ll be taking over the theme tune that her country contemporary recently vacated. Hill has been singing Waiting All Day For Sunday Night for six seasons of the NFL show but recently revealed she wouldn’t be returning for a seventh, but the producers have done well in getting Underwood in instead, who will adapt the song to suit her style.

Talking to Billboard, Underwood commented "For me, it just always seemed like something that would be fun to do.” She added "To watch Faith do it week after week, to see that hype for the game, it's something that's so cool." Underwood’s stock is arguably as high as country legend Hill’s; she’s a former American Idol winner and six-time Grammy winner after all, not to mention hugely successful commercially and has come into contact with the NFL before – singing the national anthem at the 2010 Super Bowl.

She’s also married to hockey player Mike Fisher of the Nashville Predators who is friends with several NFL players and is apparently thrilled with his wife’s new career move. "He's a sports dude," she said. "Yeah, he plays hockey, but he definitely loves football, as do I." The first Sunday night game is scheduled for September 8th between the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants.

Carrie Underwood
Carrie Underwood's signing represents a side-ways step at worst for Sunday Night Football