Carrie Underwood apologised to her neighbours after setting off her fire alarm.

The 30-year-old country singer, who is married to Canadian ice-hockey star Mike Fisher, revealed her kitchen filled with smoke and set off the device while she was trying to cook a romantic dinner on Saturday night (19.10.13).

Following the incident, the 'Blown Away' hitmaker tweeted: ''I set off the fire alarm in my apartment trying to make dinner. Oops! Sorry neighbours... #TopChef #Kitchen#Nightmares.''

Carrie, who refers to herself as a practical vegan because she is less strict with her diet when she eats out, previously revealed she is trying to improve her cooking skills.

She said: ''I want to be that mom some day. My mom makes the best fill-in-the-blank. I would love to be that, so I am working on it.''

The blonde beauty has been rather unlucky recently as she also sprained her foot after falling on stage last month in Corpus Christi, Texas.

The star was forced to seek treatment in hospital after her top, which featured a long, flowing train, got trapped under one of her five-inch heels, causing her to land on her posterior mid-song as she serenaded the crowd with a track called 'Undo It'.

While Carrie was unable to undo her own faux pas, ever the professional, she carried on singing and finished the live show despite being in a great amount of pain.