Carrie Underwood is a talented, rich and beautiful country singer, but she became instantly more relatable to clumsy regular folk everywhere, when she took a rather ungraceful tumble onstage during her Corpus Christi concert on Thursday. To her credit however, Underwood took the fall and subsequent injury, even tweeting a picture of her foot (expertly pedicured, of course) in a walking brace.

At least it wasn't a serious injury.

She even captioned the photo: "Good news, it's not broken… AND I got some new footwear." Not the most elegant of footwear choices, but if anyone can pull it off, it’s Ms. Underwood. And, of course, she has her adoring fans rushing to the rescue, with jokes, if nothing else.

Underwood has some adoring fans.

The mishap occurred when the singer’s heel got caught in the long back of the shirt she was wearing. Oh, the dangers of overly complicated stage wear!

Yes, we remember.

Who doesn’t love a bit of self-deprecating humor? The good news is that the mild injury should be all healed up, in time for Underwood’s November 6 performance at the CMA festival alongside Brad Paisley…although hopefully she’ll opt out of rocking the five inch heels this time. In fact, the two country stars exchanged some playful banter, after Underwood tweeted a video of Paisley falling on stage, captioned: “I learn from the best.”

Carrie Underwood, CMA Festival
Underwood usually takes a more sensible approach to stage wear.