Carrie Underwood has spoken about her ‘OCD’ approach to time-keeping, arguing that it’s one of the few elements of her life that she can control, so she likes to be early for any appointments, wherever she can. “I'm O.C.D. about time, I'm early for everything to the point where it freaks people out,” says the country music star. “That's my one - it's a good thing I guess, but I know it's annoying to the people around me. I'm on time for everything. If I'm late something's wrong, like I've wrecked my car… My life is so nuts, there are few things I am in control of, but those I am uber in control of. That's why I'm on time, because I can control that.”

The pressures of fame don’t just affect Underwood’s approach to punctuality though. She admitted that she is ‘weird’ about food and cleanliness too, telling the Daily Mail “I'm weird about food, because I can be… There's certain organisational things. Stuff has its place all the time. I'm not a clean freak, but there are certain things that have their place and that's the place they have to stay.”

Carrie is in London, currently, because she’s headlining the Country to Country music festival, taking place at the O2 Arena in the capital city. Carrie told the UK publication that she’ll be mixing up her set a bit so that those attending the event will know some of the songs, as well as introducing them to her newer material. “we definitely want to sing songs we thought people might recognise a bit more, so there's stuff from my first album that I haven't done for a while in my concerts back home.” 

Carrie Underwood
Carrie Underwood has admitted she has OCD-like behaviour, when it comes to punctuality