Carrie Underwood is not ready to be a mother.

The 29-year-old former 'American Idol' winner - who married Hockey player Mike Fisher two years ago - admits neither of them feel the time is right to start a family.

She explained: ''We're both so busy and it would be weird to have that much - you know, there's another person depending on you.''

The country singer already has a lot on her plate with pet pooches Ace and Penny - but admits it is not quite the same level of commitment as having a child.

She told E! News: ''I can leave the babies ... oh crap ... the dogs at the daycare for a couple days if I have to go out of town so it's easy.''

With two hectic careers, Carrie and Mike are often separated for long periods, but she believes the time apart is not necessarily a bad thing.

She said: ''It's so nice to miss him, and it's so nice to be happy every time I see him. We really cherish the time we have together.''

The 'Undo It' hitmaker previously revealed she refuses to tour with her other half because they don't sleep well together on the tour bus.

She said: ''We see each other as much as we can, but he's not one for road life.

''He can't really sleep on the bus. You can't have a giant bed in the back, so I'm like, 'You're touching me! Go away. What are you doing? Scoot over!'

''He gets bored. I think if he ever comes out with us on tour for any length of time, I'm going to have to find him something to do.''