Country star Carrie Underwood is building her dream house on a farm in Nashville, Tennessee and plans to fill the grounds with a whole menagerie of animals.

The Before He Cheats hitmaker, who is currently on a world tour, admits she can envision her and her husband, ice hockey star Mike Fisher, raising a family and growing old on the spacious property and she can't wait to move in so she can embrace her love of nature and farmyard life.

She tells People magazine, "I want cows and pigs and goats and chickens.

"My husband grew up the same way I did, and we wouldn't trade it for the world. I really want my 30s to be all about my family and friends and the real legacies that hopefully we'll all be able to leave behind. I know when we do have kids, it's gonna be wonderful. I'm excited about our new house and our farm. I dream about those things."