As sure as day becomes night so another country music awards ceremony is just around the corner, with the genre having a baffling array of various gongs to hand out pretty much all year round - in fact it's a little known, completely made-up fact that 89 per cent of all confirmed country music artists own a house with its own trophy room so frequently do they receive bits of sculpted metal with their name chiselled on it.
Anyway, Carrie Underwood was the main winner at the latest ones, the Cmt Music Awards which were held in the country music hub that is Nashville, Tennessee. The star took her third video of the year award from the organizers as well as winning collaboration of the year for her song 'Remind Me,' recorded with Brad Paisley. These two awards now mean that she's taken nine Cmt Awards since winning her first one back in 2006.
It's thanks to stars like Underwood - who is a huge crossover star thanks to her success on 'American Idol' - and Taylor Swift, another who appeals to pop audiences as well as country enthusiasts, that the genre has had a re-emergence in the last few years and so it showed overall at the awards, with Underwood the only multiple winner amidst a slew of fresh faces and old names competing in an increasingly resurgent marketplace.