The boy who shared his first-ever kiss on the lips with Carrie Underwood reveals that he didn't want a ''little kiss on the cheek''.

Chase Kurnkick got a ''lip-to-lip'' kiss from the country singer after he held up a sign asking her to be his first ever kiss at her performance in Louisville, Kentucky, last weekend.

When she obliged and invited him up on stage she asked, ''How are we going to do this?'', with Chase replying: ''Lip to lip.''

He admitted: ''I wasn't just going to go up there and get just a little kiss on the cheek. If I'm going to get it, I'm gonna get it right.''

The 12-year-old boy's father John was stunned as he watched his son live out many men's dream, telling US show 'Today': ''My thought was, 'Well, of course [it's happening]. Chase was determined, but we were shocked that it actually happened.''

The lucky youngster was the envy of all his schoolmates when he returned to class, being mobbed down the hallway.

Chase added: ''It took me like five minutes to get to one class down the hallway. They were just fist-bumping me, high-fiving me - everyone's like, 'I'm so jealous.' ''

When asked by 'Today' hosts Willie Geist and Savannah Guthrie Friday who is next on his list, he was quick to answer: ''Selena Gomez.''