In Aliens--the sequel to the 1979's Alien--Sigourney Weaver reprises her role as Lt. Ripley. In the first film, she was the soul survivor after her crew discovered deadly aliens during a space expedition. At the end of Alien, she expelled a creature through the air lock and put herself into hibernation. Aliens opens 50 years later, when a ship crew discovers Ripley sleeping in deep space. She's awakened and returned to Earth, where she learns that her daughter, who was 11 years old the last time she saw her, has recently died of old age.

To her astonishment and horror, Ripley also learns that a multi-billion dollar human colony has been established on the alien-infested planet from which she escaped. When the colony loses contact with Earth, Ripley tries to tell everyone about the aliens, but, naturally, no one listens to her. A crew of heavily armed soldiers, technicians, and scientists set out on another space expedition to investigate. After being told that the soldiers intend to destroy the species, Ripley decides to tag along as well. Once the ship arrives at the colony, however, all hell breaks loose.

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