Live award shows are about meticulous planning, logistics and practice, but you can’t legislate for individual mistakes. Unfortunately, there were too many individual mistakes to count, culminating in a car crash of an award show, which, in turn, made for pretty funny viewing.

We had Carrie Fisher talking openly about drugs – a bit too openly for some of the audience, award givers reading telecast prompts like “Wrap it up!” instead of actually wrapping it up, and Robin Meade performing a song in an evening gown while barefoot because of an advert break that was too short. It was, all in all, YouTube fodder gold, and we loved it for that. “Hi, I’m Carrie, I’m an alcoholic. And a drug addict,” explained Fisher before announcing the winner of best animated series. “Our nominees take us into worlds we have never seen before,” she said. “Unless, like Ozzy and myself, you have taken acid. We have the same dealer, in which case this category doesn’t apply to you. Our nominees have not taken acid, at least not with me, which really is the only way to do it, as most of you know,” she said and then nodded at the still-seated Lucas, “Right, George?” There sure were some awkward looks for that one.

Akin to the night itself, this piece has focussed on the technical gaffes and not the actual winners, so here they are. “Days of Our Lives,” grabbed the big one: Best Drama, while “CBS News Sunday Morning,” won Best Morning Show, beating “Good Morning America” and “Today.” “Dr. Oz” won in the information talk show category and Doug Davidson won for Best Actor on “The Young and the Restless."

Carrie FisherCarrie Fisher hands George Lucas his Daytime Emmy, after her drugs chat with Ozzy

Ozzy Osbourne
Any Ozzy didn't look any more or less bewildered that he usually does