Actress Carrie Fisher has reached out to her ex-boyfriend to wish him luck as he undergoes gender reassignment surgery.

Helicopter pilot and news reporter Bob Tur, who dated the Star Wars veteran for a few months back in 2004, recently began hormone replacement therapy in a bid to become a woman, and Fisher confesses she was stunned when she heard the news.

She jokes to the National Enquirer, "I only dated him for a few months. Maybe if we dated longer, I would've been reassigned as a man and we'd still be together."

However, Fisher insists she is happy for her former lover, adding, "Regardless, I sincerely wish her the best."

Tur's story was revealed in a post on, and the 53 year old, who plans to go by the name of Zoey once the transgender process is complete, admits he was hoping to talk to Fisher about his decision in person.

He says, "I was afraid to tell her, not because she wouldn't be supportive, (I knew) she would be, 100 per cent - it was because of me. I wanted it to be a private conversation with Carrie, face to face. Unfortunately I didn't get the opportunity to do it."