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Carre Otis: 'Mickey Rourke Needs To Let Go Of Emotional Baggage'

12th October 2011

Actress/model Carre Otis has urged her ex-husband Mickey Rourke to let go of the emotional "baggage" surrounding their failed marriage because he will never be able to move on if he continues to stir up...

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Mickey Rourke Threatened To Commit Suicide If Carre Otis Didn't Marry Him

11th October 2011

Mickey Rourke threatened to commit suicide if ex-wife Carre Otis didn't accept his marriage proposal - because he couldn't live without her.Otis and The Wrestler star had a tumultuous relationship and many were surprised when...

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Carre Otis Lucky To Be Alive After Gunshot Accident

10th October 2011

Carre Otis has revealed how it is a "miracle" she is alive after Mickey Rourke's loaded gun once accidentally went off in her purse, leaving a bullet lodged just inches away from her heart.The Wild...

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Rourke: 'I'll Never Date Another Actress'

11th November 2009

MICKEY ROURKE has given up dating actresses because his divorce from CARRE OTIS left him emotionally scarred.The Wrestler actor endured a tumultuous relationship with Wild Orchid star Otis, which hit an all-time low when Rourke...

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The Things They Say 12519

6th June 2009

"I looked like Attila the Hun on acid. When my wife had said to me 'You need to change and you need help', she was right". MICKEY ROURKE's ex-wife CARRE OTIS scared him into turning...

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Rourke 'Moves On' From Second Wife

23rd February 2009

Actor MICKEY ROURKE has finally "moved on" from his failed marriage to actress CARRE OTIS - after trying for eight years to reconcile with her. The pair's six-year union hit an all-time low when Rourke was...

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Rourke's Fatherhood Fears

11th July 2006

MICKEY ROURKE has never had kids because he's terrified the abuse he suffered as a child will reappear. The SIN CITY star had a difficult relationship with his parents who divorced when he was young....

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Rourke: 'I've Been In Therapy For Nine Years'

8th July 2006

Hollywood star MICKEY ROURKE has been in therapy for nine years to help him cope with losing his career, his second wife CARRE OTIS, and his home. The 49-year-old suffered a career slump in the...

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Rourke Pays For Pet To Travel

7th July 2006

Hollywood star MICKEY ROURKE spent $5,400 (GBP3,000) to transport his favourite dog from New York City to England where he filmed new movie STORMBREAKER. The SIN CITY star missed his precious pet LOKI so much,...

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Rourke Takes The Rap For Former Misdemeanours

17th October 2005

Hollywood hardman MICKEY ROURKE only learned to take responsibility for his actions when his turbulent life finally hit rock bottom. The ageing SIN CITY star was ready to give up hope when acting roles...

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Rourke: 'I'm A One Woman Man'

30th September 2005

Celebrated womaniser MICKEY ROURKE would give up his wild lifestyle to settle down with just one partner - as long as it was ex-wife CARRE OTIS. The actor insist his lothario behaviour is just...

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Rourke To Carry On Womanising

22nd August 2005

Hollywood hellraiser MICKEY ROURKE refuses to settle down at the age of 48, because womanising keeps him young. After two failed marriages to actress DEBRA FEUER and supermodel CARRE OTIS, Rourke is enjoying the...

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Rourke Desperate For Reconciliation With Otis

8th June 2005

Former hellraiser MICKEY ROURKE was so devastated following his split from ex-wife CARRE OTIS, he considered committing suicide. The troubled Hollywood couple had a stormy marriage resulting in the WILD ORCHID actress demanding a...

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Rourke Wants His Ex-wife Back

30th May 2005

Troubled actor MICKEY ROURKE is still in love with his ex-wife CARRE OTIS and is desperate to rekindle their tempestuous relationship. The 48-year-old divorced his WILD ORCHID co-star, Otis in 1996, because their joint...

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Mickey Rourke's Ex-wife Made Difficult Decision To Leave

24th July 2003

WILD ORCHID actress CARRE OTIS had to choose between leaving hellraising husband MICKEY ROURKE or killing herself with alcohol addiction. The reformed alcoholic made the difficult decision to leave her spouse of two years...

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Former Model Slams Stars For Weight Issues

23rd March 2003

BRAD PITT'S sexy wife JENNIFER ANISTON has been blasted for being dangerously thin - by former model CARRE OTIS. The FRIENDS actress is one of several celebrities under fire from Carre, who previously suffered...

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