It's not every day that you can see a well known porn star acting in serious cinema. Of course, Romance is not really worthy of being called a serious film. While its theme of one woman's struggle to overcome sexual oppression is innovative, it lacks tact and fails miserably due to the crudity of its approach. I refuse to believe that this film is some sort of groundbreaking phenomenon that French audiences will appreciate because it's a brilliant "character study" -- and, as such, that American's will scoff at it. I saw the movie with two French grad students who both walked out of the film disappointed and visibly queasy.

Marie (Caroline Trousselard) is a depressed nymphomaniac school teacher stuck in a relationship in which she cannot arouse her lover. The whole story involves her searching throughout Paris for the fufillment that her asinine boyfriend denies her. She defiles her body in the process as she encounters different men who satisfy her deprived erotic needs. She is willing to take on everything and everybody: from a vile stranger on the her apartment stairway who prosteletyzes her for oral sex, to a dominating masochistic school principal, to porn star Rocco Siffredi (whose character admits he hasn't had sex in four months). Can you imagine what happens there?

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