The first reviews have been filed for NBC's brand new horror miniseries, Rosemary's Baby, which is inspired by the 1968 Roman Polanski movie of the same name. Zoe Saldana and Patrick J. Adams take the lead in director Agnieszka Holland's modern retelling of the chilling story. Holland's vision takes novelist Ira Levin's tale from New York to Paris but keeps the same basic plot and characters.

Zoe Saldana
Zoe Saldana Plays Rosemary In The NBC Retake Of 'Rosemary's Baby.'

Saldana plays the Rosemary to Adams' Guy, a young couple who are struggling to find somewhere to live, establish their careers and have a baby. Rosemary and Guy find help from seemingly kindly older benefactors Roman Castavet (Jason Isaacs) and his wife, Margaux (Carole Bouquet).

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