Sexy actress Carmen Electra has a new pet scorpion, because she couldn't bring herself to kill it when she found it in her home.

The former BAYWATCH star, who lives in the Hollywood Hills with her rocker husband Dave Navarro, recently discovered the venomous arachnid in her home, but didn't know what to do with it once she captured it.

She says, "I was so afraid of it. I had to capture it because I have a small dog and I didn't want it to (attack her).

"I captured it and put it in Tupperware and then I felt really bad because I didn't want to kill it. So I ended up keeping it and having it as a pet.

"I looked it up on the internet, I Googled what scorpions eat. They eat spiders and insects. For some reason... I don't know if it's like an Ohio thing, but if I see a spider it's going down. I'm taking it out. I kill spiders!"

Electra has imaginatively named her new pet SCORPY.