Carmen Electra wants her own underwear collection.

The sexy model says it's always been an ambition of hers to create a lingerie range and is just waiting for the right time.

She said: ''I've always wanted to have a line of lingerie and it's come up many times. It just hasn't been the right merger but it is on my list of goals I'd like to achieve.''

Carmen says fashion plays a big part in her life and gets excited when the seasons change.

She told Glamoholic magazine: ''To be honest I love a little bit of everything. I'm really excited about winter, I really do love winter clothes and it will be nice to get into some black and away from neon colours.

''I think a Glamoholic is someone that loves fashion, someone that has their own style. I love fashion magazines, different eras and how looks are recreated. I love the change, which is why I love photo shoots. You have a whole team that can completely transform you into this other person.''