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Bleakley Lampard Wedding

Carly Cole , Toni Terry - Wedding of Christine Bleakley and Frank Lampard at St. Paul's Knighstbridge. - London, United Kingdom - Sunday 20th December 2015

Carly Cole and Toni Terry

Celebrities At Chiltern Firehouse

Carly Cole - Celebrities at Chiltern Firehouse in Marylebone - London, United Kingdom - Friday 25th July 2014

Firehouse and Carly Cole
Firehouse and Carly Cole
Firehouse and Carly Cole

Celebrities At Chiltern Firehouse In Marylebone

Carly Cole - Celebrities at Chiltern Firehouse in Marylebone - London, United Kingdom - Friday 27th June 2014

Firehouse and Carly Cole
Firehouse and Carly Cole
Firehouse and Carly Cole
Firehouse and Carly Cole
Firehouse and Carly Cole
Firehouse and Carly Cole

The Royal Hospital In Chelsea Where Carly Zucker Will Marry Joe Cole

Carly Zucker Saturday 20th June 2009 The Royal Hospital in Chelsea where Carly Zucker will marry Joe Cole London, England

Carly Zucker
Kara Tointon and Carly Zucker
Carly Zucker
Carly Zucker

Seen Out Shopping At M&S On The King's Road, Chelsea.

Carly Zucker Tuesday 9th December 2008 seen out shopping at M&S on the King's Road, Chelsea. London, England

Carly Zucker
Carly Zucker
Carly Zucker
Carly Zucker
Carly Zucker
Carly Zucker

Celebrities Hand Out Awards On Final Night In The Jungle

By on 06 December 2008

George Takei Brian Paddick Joe Swash Nicola McLean Carly Zucker Esther Rantzen Star Trek

The contestants on I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here have handed out awards recognising each others' contribution to the camp.

Martina Navratilova, George Takei and Joe Swash are the final celebrities left in the jungle on the eighth series of the ITV1 reality show.

And as their time in Australia neared an end, the remaining three decided between that every celebrity who had been in camp deserved recognition.

Robert Kilroy-Silk, the first contestant to leave the camp, was named Conqueror of the Creepy Crawly, with all agreeing he was noble and heroic.

Dani Behr was labelled Queen of the Stir Fry for tasty food prepared with great gusto awhile George said Carly Zucker had been his "angel of the night"

Timmy Mallet earned the title of King of the Cackle for his incessant cackling - though the celebrities thanked him for keeping everyone's spirits up - and Joe said Esther Rantzen had been a motherly figure to him, naming her Renaissance Woman.

Former Metropolitan police commissioner Brian Paddick was dubbed the Naked Sheriff, having been the only one contestant brave enough to shower in he nude while Nicola McLean unsurprisingly won the Biggest Boob in Camp award.

Simon Webbe was named the Gentleman Prince and David Van Day, the last celebrity to leave the camp, was labelled Camp Camera Hog.

Addressing each other, Joe said Martina was a Superwoman, and paid tribute to her kindness, beauty and affection.

The tennis champion labelled former Star Trek actor George the King Amongst Men, adding that he was a dear human being who brought pleasure, happiness and laughter and a great attitude to the camp.

And George said his great friend Joe was a Man For All Seasons.

"You love and embrace everyone, creative, inventive, principled and defined by your big heart," he added.

"If you weren't straight I'd jump into bed with you if [husband] Brad wasn't there!" he joked.

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Carly Zucker Is Third To Leave I'm A Celebrity Camp

By on 30 November 2008

Carly Zucker Dani Behr Joe Swash Eastenders Esther Rantzen

WAG Carly Zucker has become the third contestant voted off I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! after a public vote.

The fiancee of Chelsea star Joe admitted she had "really struggled" during her time in the Australian jungle.

She follows Robert Kilroy-Silk and Dani Behr off the ITV1 reality show.

Like Dani before her, Carly complained about the behaviour of 80s pop star David Van Day, calling him "very selfish".

"He says things with a smug look on his face - he loves winding people up," she told Ant and Dec.

Of her stay in the camp, Carly admitted: "It wasn't how I imagined it would be."

But she added: "I've got some good experiences out of it - I made some good friends.

"Me and Nicola [McLean] are going to be true friends when we're out of here. The next few days, she's probably going to be like a dog pining for its owner," she added.

Former Eastenders actor Joe Swash and TV veteran Esther Rantzen are the bookmakers' favourites to win the current series.

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Martina Talks To Campmates About Coming Out Of Closet

By on 29 November 2008

Martina Navratilova Nicola McLean Billie Jean King Carly Zucker

I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! contestant Martina Navratilova has spoken to her fellow campmates about revealing her homosexuality.

The tennis legend, whom Billie Jean King called "the greatest singles, doubles and mixed doubles player who's ever lived", came out publicly in 1981, shortly after being granted US citizenship.

And while talking to Nicola McLean regarding Carly Zucker's resemblance to her current "drop dead beautiful" girlfriend, Martina opened up about her relationship experiences.

"I did have a boyfriend; I lost my virginity with a guy when I was about 17," she revealed. "He was a nice guy but it wasn't quite there.

"Then when I was with the first woman about a year later, it was like 'oh, I'm gay'. It was like coming home, it was clear, and that was my coming out and I knew then that my life wasn’t going to be as easy, it was going to be much more complicated but that's what it is and I've never looked back."

She added: "Physically I could be with a man but emotionally I just have never fallen in love with a guy. You know when you get those butterflies? I just never had them with a guy."

Martina admitted to Nicola that she had been annoyed by the press labelling the home she shared with her partner as a 'love nest'.

"I had a relationship with a woman, we were practically married and then they did a story on the house we lived in as Martina and Judy [Nelson]'s love nest.

"It's not a love nest, it was a home. It drove me nuts."

She continued: "Regarding the fact that I'm gay, I've been out a long time, it's not a big deal, it was then, 25 years ago, but it's a lot easier now."

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I'm A Celebrity... Contestant Carly Moans About Wealth

By on 26 November 2008

Carly Zucker Brian Paddick Nicola McLean Joe Cole

Carly Zucker proved herself out of touch with the credit crunch-hit population as she complained about being too rich.

The I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! contestant told fellow jungle resident Brian Paddick that she had suffered from stress from having too large a house and too many possessions.

"Money can be a burden, that's why I got stressed last year," she said, "I had too much too soon. I had a massive house that I couldn't control or clean, it took all day.

"I could choose what I wanted and so I ended up indecisive I can have anything but if you've got a budget to work around it's easier."

The 24-year-old attempted to show some sympathy with people less fortunate than herself, adding: "Of course if all my friends are staying in a three star hotels, I'll stay there.

"I still live a very practical life, if I want something nice like a piece of jewellery I'll wait and ask for it for my birthday, I don't just go out and buy it."

The wife of Chelsea and England footballer Joe Cole, Carly found solace with fellow WAG Nicola McLean to complain about life in the camp.

"I'm not pulling my weight, I don't want to eat, sleep, I don't know what I want. I feel like if I was at home now with Joe I'd feel like it was all a dream," Carly whined.

And Nicola added: "I can't face doing another trial, they seem horrific. I shouldn't worry about that, if I get there and don't want to do it the public will say she's a wuss, I'll probably have to do it. But I am so desperate to leave.

"Imagine if we walked together. F**k it, we're going together and we're flying home tonight," the glamour model joked.

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Away Camp Contestants Robert And Esther Missing Home

By on 18 November 2008

Esther Rantzen Carly Zucker Eastenders Joe Cole

Robert Kilroy-Silk and Esther Rantzen, members of the Away Camp on I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, have admitted to feeling homesick.

After model Carly Zucker said she was missing home and her husband, footballer Joe Cole, the TV presenters discussed their own depression over being separated from their families.

"I nearly walked in the middle of the night," said Rantzen.

Kilroy-Silk agreed, adding: "I was surprised everybody is so ebullient and I actually thought why am I here? Nobody's said that. We feel upbeat and positive."

However, he added: "I'm actually really missing my family. I have not been parted from my wife of 48 years for more than four nights."

TV veteran Rantzen continued: "In the middle of the night I just thought I'm not staying… I feel quite lonely and I realise so much my mood depends on people I care about and they're not here. But the people here are very nice."

Despite their loneliness, the mood of Kilroy-Silk, Rantzen, Zucker and their fellow Away Camp resident Nicola McLean was buoyed by their victory in the Bushtucker Trial.

Competing against former Eastenders actor Joe Swash, McLean was forced to eat a series of bushtucker 'delights', including crocodile eyes, scorpions, crickets, chicken feet, silkworms, grubs, and the testicles of both crocodiles and kangaroos.

If either passed on a course, they would have to eat the next meal set in front of them. They could pass again, but if their opponent ate their dish, they would lose the point.

And with Swash passing on the challenge of eating a chicken's foot, while McLean ate all five dishes, the Away Camp won the trial and their dinner for the evening.

The eighth series of I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! continues on ITV1.

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First Blood To I'm A Celebrity's "Camp Camp"

By on 17 November 2008

Martina Navratilova Carly Zucker Esther Rantzen Joe Cole Kerry Katona Simon Webbe Star Trek Robert Kilroy-Silk

The first trials of this year's team-based I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! have been won by Home Camp, designated "camp camp" by Joe Swash.

The former EastEnder was the first to succeed, winning Martina Navratilova, George Takei, Brian Paddick and Dani Behr the chance to live in relative jungle luxury.

The celebrities' route to Home Camp, including camp beds, a London bus and good food, saw Swash beat singer Simon Webbe at collecting stars from the eel-, rat-, and scorpion-infected trauman tank.

"Bravo, thank you. Joe is our hero," said Star Trek and Heroes actor Takei. "We are very lucky. We are blessed to have Joe on our team."

But for the losers, taking their name from the Away Camp that is now their home, jungle rubbish, basic rations and the prospect of sleeping on the floor was what greeted them following the former Blue singer's loss.

But politician/TV presenter Robert Kilroy-Silk, joined in Away Camp by models Carly Zucker and Nicola McLean, as well as Esther Rantzen, said there were no hard feelings.

"I don't think anyone seriously blames him in any way but there may have been some kind of residual feeling of disappointment in him," Kilroy-Silk said. "I thought he would deliver."

In the ensuing Busktucker Trial, Zucker faced former TV personality Behr in 'long drop'.

Zucker was unable to provide any respite for Away Camp, with Behr braving cockroaches and grasshoppers to pull a lever that left her opponent dangling 200ft over a valley.

But Joe Cole's partner was not to downbeat about the loss. "By me doing this trial I've proved that I'm stronger than I think," she said.

Later in Home Camp, the celebrities discussed sexuality, including residual stigmas with being gay and civil partnerships.

"Look around this camp," said Swash. "You've got a head of police, a famous actor and one of the world's best tennis players so it's not like you can't do things as good as a straight person.

"Shall we call it the camp camp?"

I'm a Celebrity... returned for its eighth series on ITV1 on Sunday. Previous winners include Kerry Katona, Carol Thatcher and Christopher Biggins.

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Two Camps At Start Of I'm A Celebrity

By on 16 November 2008

Simon Webbe Carly Zucker Esther Rantzen Joe Cole Martina Navratilova Star Trek

The eighth series of I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! will begin with contestants being split into two teams.

Ant and Dec, returning as hosts of the reality show – which starts tonight at 21:00 GMT – told the celebrities their teams' first act would be to compete for a prime camp location.

In tonight's episode viewers will see whether ex-EastEnder Joe Swash or former Blue singer Simon Webbe has what it takes to brave the Trauma Tank and win their team-mates food and shelter in the Australia jungle.

For the record, with Swash are former Liberal Democrat candidate for mayor of London Brian Paddick, Sydney-based TV presenter Dani Behr, Star Trek and Heroes actor George Takei and tennis legend Martina Navratilova.

Swash, who played Mickey Miller in the BBC1 soap, got off to a good start with the Wimbledon heroine by responding to her saying she was originally from the Czech Republic with the words "is that near Prague?".

In the opposing camp alongside Webbe are TV veteran Esther Rantzen, Joe Cole's model girlfriend Carly Zucker, glamour model Nicola McLean and politician/TV personality Robert Kilroy-Silk.

While the results of the Trauma Tank task are under wraps, teams arrived at their camps via very different methods of transport.

The first team travelled by parachute, with 71-year-old Takei saying the tandem jump looked "like a peace of cake".

"What an experience," Star Trek's Mr Sulu said midair. "You guys have this down to an art... fantastic, what a glorious feeling."

The other contestants meanwhile had to contend with 'walking on water' by crossing a lake on motorised feet.

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Go To School, Wannabe Wags Told

By on 24 October 2007

Victoria Beckham Alex Curran Carly Zucker Coleen Mcloughlin Slade Toni Poole

Girls wishing to follow in the footsteps of Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Cole by marrying footballers have been reminded of the importance of good grades.

The government agency responsible for skills in England says that behind every successful footballer is a Wag with qualifications to fall back on.

According to the Learning and Skills Council (LSC), nine out of the 12 most famous English Wags have the minimum qualifications needed to get on in life - five good GCSEs or the vocational equivalent.

"So rather than idealising Wags for their glamorous lifestyles, the LSC is today encouraging young people to follow their lead by gaining the minimum set of qualifications before leaving learning, whatever they aspire to be," a statement explained.

While Posh Spice may be regarded as the "ultimate Wag" she is actually the least qualified, the LSC says, with only a handful of GCSEs.

Girls wishing to emulate her 'success' have only a one in 200,000 chance of doing so, it warns.

Instead, the agency is urging potential Wags to take a leaf out of the book of either Michael Carrick's girlfriend Lisa Roughead, who has a business degree, or Stewart Downing's on-off flame Michaela Henderson-Thynne, who is studying law.

"Many young people today believe that fame and fortune is possible without hard work, but what today's findings show is that whatever your chosen career, gaining the minimum set of qualifications is an important first step," commented LSC director of learning Julia Dowd.

"There's no need to give up on your dreams, but the reality is that leaving your future down to chance could leave you unemployable or in a low-paid, dead-end job, so what we're saying is that whatever it is you aspire to do, have a back up plan and gain the minimum set of qualifications as so many of these young women have done."

Top ten Wags by qualifications (footballer husband)

1 Lisa Roughead (Michael Carrick)
2 Michaela Henderson-Thynne (Stewart Downing)
3 Emma Hadfield (Gary Neville)
4 Charlotte Meares (Jermain Defoe)
5 Melanie Slade (Theo Walcott)
6 Coleen Mcloughlin (Wayne Rooney)
7 Alex Curran (Steven Gerrard)
8 Carly Zucker (Joe Cole)
9 Toni Poole (John Terry)
10 Victoria Beckham (David Beckham)

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Carly Zucker

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