Carly Rae Jepsen's Kiss came out to give her fans a taste of her new material before she embarks on a tour, which starts in Arizona on September 19th. Contact Music have been furiously reading reviews of the Call Me Maybe star to determine if she's stumbled upon musical thunder or a pop blunder. Early indications would suggest. neither. Reviews for Kiss hint that anyone who buys the album has done so because of Jepsen's incredibly catchy single, which implores a mystery man to ignore the craziness and just call her. "Very few pop stars have a song as demanding of the attention as Call Me Maybe," writes Fraser McAlpine of The BBC. "There are no excursions into dubstep, no guest rappers and no raunchiness, just good clean wholesome party (as in jelly and ice-cream) fun." A good clean pop album is probably just what the 26-year old pop star was after, but she didn't manage it without a few stinkers: "The duds on "Kiss" include "Turn Me Up" and "Tonight I'm Getting Over You." They're both boring ditties about getting over someone by hitting the town. Light toe tapping may ensue, but these are forgettable tracks," writes Ron Harris of The Huffington Post. So there you have it, Jepsen has achieved an unremarkable, totally inoffensive album with a few bad songs on it, and some catchy ones. Job done.