Carly Rae Jepsen keeps a compass from her boyfriend with her at all times.

The 'Call Me Maybe' singer never goes anywhere without the token from musician Matthew Koma, which she says always reminds her of coming home to him.

She told Us Weekly: ''The absolute most sentimental thing I keep on me is a compass my boyfriend gave me. It's my direction home.''

Along with the compass, Carly, 27, also makes sure to keep some calorific treats with her in her bag.

She said: ''I have a thing for Gummi bears and also weird gum like lemon meringue and chocolate chip mink. They're so delicious.''

While she is enjoying huge success now, Carly previously revealed she used to pay her backing band with food because she couldn't afford wages.

She said: ''It's very surreal to me at times, because I think back to maybe two years ago and my career then versus now.

''The first time that I toured Canada was in the soccermom van [minivan], with the boys that I'm still playing stadiums with now.

''I was paying them with home-cooked dinners because that's all I could afford, and rushing to my merchandising table to sell shirts afterwards.''