Carlos De Los Rios
Carlos De Los Rios is a film writer and producer known for his screenwriting on 'The Forger'.

Childhood: Carlos De Los Rios' hometown is Carmel, California. Carlos De Los Rios went to USC film school in LA for four years. He also lived in the city for almost 14 years. He first entered the filmmaking business in 1990.

Career: Carlos De Los Rios co-wrote the screenplay for the 2000 comedy film 'Playing Mona Lisa'. The film won 'Audience Choice Award for Best Feature' in 200 at the Stony Brook Film Festival' and a 'Film Discovery Jury Award for Best Actor Alicia Witt at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in 2000. Rios also co-wrote a 2005 film adaptation of H. G. Wells' 'War Of The Worlds' (not to be confused with the Steven Spielberg directed version). He also had a small acting role as a townsperson in the movie. Among his other film works are 'King of the Lost World' (2005), 'The Da Vinci Treasure' (2006) and 'Pirates of Treasure Island' (2006). In 2012, Carlos De Los Rios wrote and co-produced 'The Forger' starring Josh Hutcherson.

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