Cara Delevingne has told her haters to go and ''suck my boobs''.

The plucky supermodel turned actress has been making waves in Hollywood but it hasn't all been plain sailing for the star, as she admitted that some people have criticised her for moving into acting and expanding her career.

She told Time Magazine: ''If anyone just thought I was trying to pad my resume, they can suck my - boobs,''

The 22-year old beauty has already starred in her first lead role in 'Paper Towns' and will be on screens again next month in the comic-book movie 'Suicide Squad'.

However she is still getting used to planning her life around movies.

She said: ''(It) is going to be freakin' awesome. I kill people with my bare hands.

''With films, it's planned so far in advance. Knowing what I'm doing in March next year is way more advanced than I thought I'd be planning things. I don't like to plan things. I like to be spontaneous.''

Elsewhere, the star has reportedly been offered her own reality TV show alongside Kendall Jenner for a series that would document their successful careers.

A source said: ''Kendall and Cara both think doing the show would be a blast. It's been pitched as 'The Simple Life' for a new generation, except with two of the world's most popular supermodels. They'd be giving the cameras an all-access pass to their fabulous lifestyles, from who they're dating to their careers.''