Cara Delevingne wants her own T-shirt range.

The British model has admitted she hopes to design a line of simple body-con tops for women in the future, but failing that she would like to launch a collection of comfy yet fashion-forward onesies.

Speaking in a video chat with Vogue magazine, Cara revealed: ''I think there's so many important things in fashion that people don't do, like really simple cut tops, T-shirts. I love T-shirts and it's really hard to find a plain, nicely cut top for your body.

''I would love to design. I want my own brand of onesies. It's kind of hard though. I'm trying to make it happen - someone contact me please, I'm ready!''

The 20-year-old beauty is a self-confessed tomboy and claims she wouldn't leave the house without her trusty Burberry leather jacket.

Cara revealed: ''I love trainers a lot, but I think it's a comfort thing, also me being a tomboy. Also my Burberry leather jacket. It's my favourite.

''It's so heavy, the leather is so amazing that you feel like you're being hugged all the time. Shoes and jackets are my favourite things. And skinny jeans.''

The rising star might have an army of designers begging to dress her, but she admits she used to have no qualms about wearing dirty clothes and wouldn't even give herself a second glance in the mirror.

She said: ''I never used to think about what I wore - ever, ever, ever! I would just wake up, pick up the first thing I found on my floor and put it on, even if I'd worn it yesterday.

''Now it's a completely different story. I can't do that anymore. Probably because I have a lot more clothes now, which is great.''