Cara Delevingne has a ''problem'' with high heels.

The 20-year-old model has finally learned not to worry about staying steady on her feet but admits some of the recent Milan Fashion Week shows were particularly enjoyable because she got to wear flat shoes.

She said: ''One problem for me is that I was never good with high heels - and I'm still not the best - so it's about not worrying about that, it's about losing yourself and getting into the part and the moment.

''Just Cavalli was amazing to be in and I had a lot of fun at Trussardi as well. We had fringes, wore flats and everyone looked very, very cool: it was amazing. Wearing the flats was weird because everyone always usually puts me in heels because I'm working with a lot of tall girls. I quite like being the short one now. I'm the shortest - go shorties!''

Cara will now fly from Italy to France for Paris Fashion Week and and is already looking forward to certain shows.

She explained to the Daily Telegraph online: ''In Paris, I'm looking forward to Chanel. It's always amazing. And Stella McCartney will be great. I love that show. You always get a great energy from the backstage, and get inspired by the music. It's all about the music, you really need that.''