In the tradition of What's Up, Tiger Lily? and now Kung Pow: Enter the Fist, Iron Fist Pillage takes an old kung fu flick (the identity of which I can't find anywhere) and re-dubs it, this time in "Wu-Tang Clan style" by Clan member Cappadonna in the lead role.

Result: Original monologues about honor and family are replaced with speeches about blunts and hoes. This is gag-worthy enough to make for a reasonably fun party movie, but even though it's only 90 minutes long, the joke wears thin. Of course, this is a common problem for these kind of movies -- and even Woody Allen can't sustain the joke for more than an hour. In Pillage, the original movie's story is actually left intact as much as I can tell -- a loner takes the rap for the murder of his mentor, goes on the run, and when he returns a year later finds that his village has gone all to hell, because the real killer has taken over. Many fights ensue.

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