The former Canned Heat star, who is planning a comeback album and tour following his 2014 health emergency, also used the anniversary video message to thank fans who donated $250,000 (£167,000) to help with his medical bills.

He says, "A year ago, we didn't know if I would still be here. Thanks to you and my music friends I'm still here and playing. I'm in the midst of making a new album and can't wait to see you out on tour."

His wife Marie, who joins him in the video, adds, "The reason he's here today is that a family, at their darkest hour, allowed a liver to be used," prompting Trout to state, "I'm living on because of someone else."

Trout will perform at the Leadbelly Festival at London's Royal Albert Hall on 15 June (15), and he is planning to tour Europe at the end of 2015.