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Halle Berry: Life Shouldn't Just Be About Beauty

17th June 2014

Halle Berry thinks there are more important things in life than being beautiful.The actress, who is considered to be one of Hollywood's most stunning stars, plays a pregnant astronaut in the CBS sci-fi thriller 'Extant'...

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Manheim Hails Huffman For Oscar

20th February 2006

Golden Globe-winning actress CAMRYN MANHEIM is rooting for Oscar-nominee FELICITY HUFFMAN, hailing her as "an actor's actor". The former PRACTICE star, best known for her Emmy-winning role as ELLENOR FRUTT in the legal drama,...

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Stars Shine Down On Fisher's Baby

15th January 2006

Actress JOELY FISHER's new baby will have stars looking down on her every time she takes a bath after mum's famous friends designed tiles for her daughter at a recent baby shower. Celebrity pals...

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Manheim Unimpressed With Movie Accommodation

19th December 2005

Actress CAMRYN MANHEIM was far from thrilled while shooting her movie AN UNFINISHED LIFE - because she had to stay in a motel while co-star JENNIFER LOPEZ enjoyed the luxury of a ranch. Manheim,...

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Manheim Battling Rheumatoid Arthritis

21st October 2005

Former THE PRACTICE star CAMRYN MANHEIM has secretly been battling rheumatoid arthritis after discovering she could no longer teach sign language. The 44-year-old actress loves showing children how to use their hands to communicate,...

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Fascinating Fact 265

27th September 2005

JAMES WOODS, CAMRYN MANHEIM and newlywed comic KEVIN NEALON are set to compete for the first $1 million (GBP555,500) prize in TV celebrity poker history when they pit their card game skills against one another...

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Manheim Attracted To Tv Son Rhys-meyers

11th May 2005

Actress CAMRYN MANHEIM had difficulty playing JONATHAN RHYS MEYERS' mother in the new US TV mini-series ELVIS - because she was strongly attracted to the Irish star. During filming for the series, which debuted...

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Manheim's Four-year-old Son Wants Beer

11th May 2005

Actress CAMRYN MANHEIM's son MILO has decided he wants to start drinking beer - at the tender age of four. Manheim has recently found parenting to be a bit of a challenge, because her...

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Manheim's Lesbian Dreams Dashed

7th May 2005

Actress CAMRYN MANHEIM has a huge regret that's she's not a lesbian. The former star of THE PRACTICE admits she once felt that she fitted the stereotype of a gay female - and held...

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Rhys-meyers To Play Elvis

21st December 2004

Irish actor JONATHAN RHYS-MEYERS has landed his biggest role to date - as legendary rocker ELVIS PRESLEY. The Dublin native, who has appeared in such films as BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM and ALEXANDER, beat...

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Barr Quits Sheen Sitcom

9th November 2004

Comedienne ROSEANNE BACK has cancelled her appearance on CHARLIE SHEEN's sitcom TWO AND A HALF MEN, because the script mocked her life. America's TV GUIDE reports the 52-year-old actress was set to play the...

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Kelley Tapped For Award

28th September 2004

MICHELLE PFEIFFER's producer husband DAVID E KELLEY has been chosen to receive an award for his "thoughtful" depiction of gun violence on his shows. The creator of hit TV series like THE PRACTICE and...

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Drescher Revisits Cancer Nightmare

28th September 2004

Actress FRAN DRESCHER has revisited her battle with cancer in a guest-starring role on American TV show STRONG MEDICINE. The former star of THE NANNY was diagnosed with having uterine cancer in 2000, and...

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Manheim's Broadway Dreams

14th May 2004

Actress CAMRYN MANHEIM has dreams of starring on the stages of New York's Broadway once her show THE PRACTICE comes to an end. Manheim spent a number of years in the Big Apple, where...

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Manheim To Reprise Practice Role - In Sitcom

31st March 2004

Actress CAMRYN MANHEIM is expected to reprise her role from legal TV drama THE PRACTICE when it comes to an end this summer (04) - in a new sitcom. Practice creator DAVID E KELLEY...

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Manheim Buys Luxury Lexus - For Nanny

28th March 2004

THE PRACTICE star CAMRYN MANHEIM's nanny is working in the lap of luxury, after the actress bought her a brand new LEXUS sports utility vehicle - worth a shopping $64,000 (GBP35,500). Manheim - who...

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Manheim Gets Revenge On Her Role Stealer

26th October 2003

THE PRACTICE star CAMRYN MANHEIM relished spoofing thespian CHERRY JONES in SCARY MOVIE 3 - because it provided a chance to get her own back on the woman who has beaten her to many great...

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Kate Hudson Parties At Mother's House

25th September 2003

Actress KATE HUDSON made the most of her mother GOLDIE HAWN's time away from California - by throwing a party in her empty house. The pregnant ALMOST FAMOUS beauty flung open the doors to...

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Boyle And Mcdermott's New Bond With Manheim

25th September 2003

LARA FLYNN BOYLE and DYLAN McDERMOTT's dismissal from THE PRACTICE has proved positive in at least one way - they've formed an extremely close bond with former co-star CAMRYN MANHEIM. Manheim was one of...

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Camryn Not Supporting Schwarzenegger

18th August 2003

THE PRACTICE star CAMRYN MANHEIM is far from impressed with ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's bid to become Governor of California - because he's lacking political experience. The screen star is one of an apparent Hollywood minority...

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Camryn Offers Support To Former Practice Pals

17th July 2003

THE PRACTICE star CAMRYN MANHEIM was so upset when her co-stars in the drama were sacked earlier this summer (03), she phoned each of them to offer her support. The show's stars LARA FLYNN...

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The Practice Dismissals 'So Unexpected'

25th May 2003

LATEST: LARA FLYNN BOYLE and DYLAN McDERMOTT's removal from TV show THE PRACTICE came as a complete shock to the cast and crew - because they were only expecting pay cuts. The screen stars...

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Nielsen Joins Scary Movie 3 Cast

18th April 2003

Spoof veteran LESLIE NIELSEN is making a return to his favoured genre - by signing up for a role in SCARY MOVIE 3. The NAKED GUN star has been recruited to the join the...

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