Camilla Dallerup has quit 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!'.

The 'Strictly Come Dancing' professional has walked out of the Australian Jungle just three days after the reality show started.

Camilla, 35, told how she was struggling to cope with the show's conditions of sleeping in tents and living on a restricted diet, and was comforted by camp mates TV Presenter Kim Woodburn and singer Sabrina Washington yesterday (17.11.09).

She then reportedly awoke last night saying she felt ill, and glamour model Katie Price tried to calm her down.

She told her: "You can do it. Don't give up yet. If you need to wake me ten million times a night, do it."

However, in the early hours of this morning the challenge of staying in the adverse conditions of the jungle become too much for her and after crisis talks with producers Camilla reportedly said she had made her decision to exit the show.

Camilla said: "I just can't sleep properly and I can't think properly. My brain's not working. It's only three days in, so what's going to happen after this?"

"I've never felt this weak. I'm thinking what a hard job it is to get to the shower.

"I feel useless being here so tired. You can't help anyone."

Camilla's fiance, actor Kevin Sacre, said earlier this week he was "scared" for the ballroom dancer.

He said: "When I first heard she was going to do it, I felt proud and frightened all at once.

"I'm scared for her. It's tough in the jungle. I couldn't do it."

Camilla will be replaced on the show by ex-boxer Joe Bugner.