Camila Cabello was a One Direction ''superfan''.

The 20-year-old singer has admitted she once ''cried'' over a shoe that was thrown into the audience by band member Niall Horan at one of the 'History' hitmakers' shows in Miami.

Asked about her own experiences of being a fan and why she thinks that makes her relatable to her own fans, the former Fifth Harmony member said: ''I was a One Direction superfan, I even had my Twitter account dedicated to them. I remember that two months before auditioning for 'The X Factor', I saw their show in Miami and Niall [Horan] threw a shoe to the audience, and when the concert ended, a group of girls and me were crying for the shoe.

''But yes, it's wonderful to hear it, I see my fans as my friends, my family. I don't feel different. I think we're in the same level, no one in a higher position than the other.''

The 'Crying In The Club' hitmaker admits she doesn't listen to the band much since they went on hiatus to pursue solo careers in late 2015, and is currently listening to artists such as Prince and James Brown.

Asked what she's currently listening to, Camila said: ''A lot of hip-hop, and since I am on tour with Bruno Mars, I listen to many of his influences, like Prince, Earth, Wind & Fire or James Brown. Things from the '80s. I grew up with a lot of Latin music. Michael Jackson was one of the few English-speaking artists that we'd listen to. So, it's weird, but I'm only now getting to know the '70s and '80s American music. I'm learning a lot from that.''

And the star is doing her best to ''balance'' her career with her personal life, as at just 20 years old she wants to be able to have fun as well as work hard.

Speaking to Billboard Argentina, she said: ''I believe it is all a question of balance, you can't be working all the time. At the same time, I am an artist, I need to experience things so as to have something to write about. You know, to inspire yourself, you need to live your life, but also be responsible and to rest.''