We're back into the land of the old ultraviolence. The year is not 1979, its 1999. The antihero no longer listens to Beethoven's 9th, he listens to Kurt Loder on MTV. And when Stevie's (Cameron Van Hoy) MTV-generation mind finds his mothers gun and ends up staging his own Dog Day Afternoon with Rockie (Mischa Barton), his like-aged 12-year-old girlfriend, we end up with a film that is utterly funny, somewhat saturated with message, and weak in all other aspects.

Pups is the film in question, and it experienced a 48-hour theatrical release prior to the Columbine massacre. Pulled as soon as that debacle occured, it now makes the festival circuit... far from the indie house where it belongs. To get a sense of this bizarre film, insert the cliche of every hostage-crisis movie you've seen (Airheads and The Negotiator notwithstanding), then insert two youths making crazy demands, a pot-smoking hostage, a Gulf-War vet that the kids just tell to shut up as he spouts rhetoric on the cause of violent children, an old man who constantly tries to sneak out on his cane, and three bank tellers with abosolutely no intelligence between them, and then you have a good degree of humor in a weak film.

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