Cameron Diaz wants to go into space.

The 41-year-old actress is hoping humans will be able to permanently relocate to other planets during the course of her lifetime and can't wait to see what's out there.

She told InStyle magazine: ''I would love to go to space - it really is the next frontier. Humans have to move off this planet at some point. We're explorers - that's what we do.''

Cameron isn't sure whether she believes in a divine entity, but she is certainly awestruck by the power of the universe.

The philosophical star mused: ''I don't know anything. All I know is things are bigger than me. And I surrender to everything bigger than me, whatever those things might be.''

'The Other Woman' actress recently revealed she loves getting older and feels more comfortable with herself than ever before.

She said: ''I'm 41 years old, I have been through everything. I'm grateful for all of it - whether it was something quick and passing or something that lingered too long.

''There is not one thing I've been through that hasn't been a lesson that led me to this moment, and I can't believe how great it keeps getting.''