Cameron Diaz has been renovating her house.

The 'Gambit' actress splashed out on a Beverly Hills mansion in 2010 but she has only just found the time to make it into the home she wants this year.

Cameron has finally been able to invite people over after clearing the countless unpacked boxes she had scattered around.

The Hollywood beauty - who also has a New York apartment - said: ''This past year I've been in LA mostly redoing that property and making it really homely. Before, it was just a disaster, boxes everywhere, nowhere for anybody to sit.

''And I really got to enjoy it this summer with family and friends. Half is done now. That part is really dialled in, we're sweet.''

Despite all her hard work, Cameron is still sleeping in her guest room as work on the master bedroom isn't yet complete.

In an interview with ELLE magazine, she added: ''My bedroom is gutted at the moment. I'm sleeping in the guest room. But once that's done, I will have a fully renovated home. So I'm very excited.''