Cameron Diaz has spent $9 million on a new home.

The 'Bad Teacher' actress has splashed out on a 3,022 sq ft luxury condo in the Walker Tower building in the upmarket Chelsea neighbourhood in Manhattan, with her neighbours in the area including Harrison Ford, Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman.

According to gossip website TMZ, Cameron's new house - which will also cost the actress around $5,000 a month in maintenance and real estate tax - boasts three bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and a home automation system complete with iPad dock.

And the main building also offers residents a lot, with amenities including a sauna, yoga room, refrigerated storage for deliveries and a library lounge complete with both a pantry and a bar.

Last year, Cameron revealed she had spent all of 2012 working on her other home in Beverly Hills, which she bought in 2010.

She said: ''This past year I've been in LA mostly redoing that property and making it really homely. Before, it was just a disaster, boxes everywhere, nowhere for anybody to sit.

''And I really got to enjoy it this summer with family and friends. Half is done now. That part is really dialled in, we're sweet.''