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Desert Voices Opening Exhibition

Cameron Crowe - Desert Voices Opening Exhibition at De Re Gallery - West Hollywood, California, United States - Thursday 16th July 2015

Cameron Crowe
Cameron Crowe
Michelle Branch and Cameron Crowe
Michelle Branch and Cameron Crowe
Michelle Branch and Cameron Crowe
Cameron Crowe

Cameron Crowe Apologizes For Casting Emma Stone In 'Aloha'

Cameron Crowe

Cameron Crowe has offered an apology to fans who criticized his casting of Emma Stone in his new film Aloha. The film director posted an apology on his website on Tuesday for having Stone play Allison Ng, a character described as having Asia and Hawaiian heritage.

AlohaEmma Stone [L] stars opposite Bradley Cooper in Cameron Crowe's Aloha

"Thank you so much for all the impassioned comments regarding the casting of the wonderful Emma Stone in the part of Allison Ng," he wrote.

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Cameron Crowe Apologises For Casting Emma Stone As Part-Asian Character In 'Aloha'

Cameron Crowe Emma Stone Bradley Cooper Rachel McAdams

Director Cameron Crowe has responded to the backlash over the casting of Emma Stone as a part-Asian character in his latest film Aloha. The film and the director received substantial criticism online when it was found that Stone’s character, Captain Allison Ng, was a quarter Hawaiian and a quarter Chinese, leading the director to apologise for casting the actress.

Bradley Cooper and Emma StoneBradley Cooper and Emma Stone star in Cameron Crowe’s Aloha

Writing on his website The Uncool on Tuesday, Crowe offered a lengthly apology in a blog post titled ‘A Comment on Allison Ng’. “Thank you so much for all the impassioned comments regarding the casting of the wonderful Emma Stone in the part of Allison Ng,” the director wrote. “I have heard your words and your disappointment, and I offer you a heart-felt apology to all who felt this was an odd or misguided casting choice.”

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Bradley Cooper And Emma Stone Take On 'Aloha' Critics

Emma Stone Bradley Cooper Cameron Crowe

'Aloha', the new film from Cameron Crowe ('Almost Famous', 'Jerry Maguire'), opens this weekend in North America, and arrives in cinemas amid controversy and middling reviews. The film stars Bradley Cooper as a military contractor sent to Hawaii, where he falls for Emma Stone's Air Force pilot. 

Emma Stone and Bradley Cooper star in 'Aloha'Emma Stone and Bradley Cooper star in 'Aloha'

Critics have called it charming but meandering and unfocussed. But the problems began at the end of last year, when the Sony hackers released a memo in which the studio's chair Amy Pascal wrote about the film: "I'm never starting a movie again when the script is this ridiculous.... It never not even once works."

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Cameron Crowe's 'Aloha' Savaged By Critics - Like, Really Savaged

Cameron Crowe

Aloha, Cameron Crowe's return to the director's chair should have been glorious. A romantic comedy-drama starring Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams, Bill Murray, John Krasinski, Danny McBride and Alec Baldwin? There's no excuse to get this one wrong.

AlohaBradley Cooper plays a defence contractor in Cameron Crowe's Aloha

The film follows Brian Gilcrest (Cooper), a defence contractor who falls for Allison (Stone), an Air Force pilot, after he is assigned to oversee the launch of a weapons satellite from Hawaii. Sounds a reasonable narrative, right? Well, it's awful.

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Aloha - Teaser Trailer

Things have been tough for Brian (Bradley Cooper). Having been fired from the US Air Force for his cockiness, he lost his girlfriend Tracy (Rachel McAdams) by a chain of events he doesn't fully understand himself. But when he is recalled back into service by a boss that has a soft spot for him, Brian discovers that his life has to get an awful lot more complicated before it can get simpler. Tasked with overseeing the launch of a weapons satellite from Hawaii, Brian is put in charge of training Allison (Emma Stone) to be both a good pilot, and a valuable member of the air force. But as he begins to reconnect with Tracy, Allison begins to fall for him, leading to Brian having to truly figure out once and for all, just what it is that he wants.  

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Rachel McAdams Joins Cameron Crowe Movie: Is It The New 'Jerry Maguire'?

Rachel McAdams Cameron Crowe Bradley Cooper Emma Stone

Rachel McAdams is in negotiations to join Cameron Crowe's still untitled movie, about a military contractor on a top-secret mission in Hawaii. Bradley Cooper plays the contractor who is teamed with an Air Force pilot, played by Emma Stone. According to Deadline, the film tonally falls somewhere between "Almost Famous" and "Jerry Maguire."

McAdams has signed on for an interesting year - she stars in Terrence Malik's new movie To The Wonder, which looks bizarre, and will feature alongside Noomi Rapace in Brian De Palma's B-movie 'Passion'. Oh, and there's also Anton Corbijn's thriller A Most Wanted Man, which should land on the festival circuit this year. One thing's for sure, McAdams has told her agent that she wants to make arthouse movies. 

Cameron Crowe is working with producer Scott Rudin on the new film, which they are making with Sony Pictures. Crowe wrote the script himself and is looking to start principal photography at the beginning of October. The movie should be out midway through 2014, all ready for awards season. By the time it hits theaters, three years will have passed since Crowe's last directorial out, 'We Bought A Zoo'. That movie starred Matt Damon as a father who moves his young family to the countryside to renovate and re-open a struggling zoo, with the help of one Ms Scarlett Johansson. It garnered mixed reviews from critics.

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We Bought A Zoo Review

There's a terrific story inside this well-made but bloated movie, as if director-cowriter Crowe simply couldn't figure out which elements he most cared about, so he included everything. It's engaging enough to keep us watching, but never finds any real focus.

After his wife dies, Benjamin (Damon) is struggling to keep his kids - 14-year-old Dylan (Ford) and 7-year-old Rosie(Jones) - happy, mainly because he has lost the daredevil storyteller within himself. So against the advice of his goofy-but-sensible brother (Church), Benjamin buys a run-down zoo and moves there with his children to get it up and running again. Zookeeper Kelly (Johansson) and her team (including Macfadyen and Fugit) don't think he'll stick it out. And indeed, it's more of a challenge than he ever imagined.

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New York Premiere Of 'We Bought A Zoo' At The Ziegfeld Theater - Arrivals

Cameron Crowe Monday 12th December 2011 New York premiere of 'We Bought a Zoo' at the Ziegfeld Theater - Arrivals New York City, USA

Cameron Crowe
Cameron Crowe
Cameron Crowe
Cameron Crowe

Vanilla Sky Review

The single best scene in Vanilla Sky, and maybe in the entire year of cinema, takes place right at the beginning of this film. On the surface it's not anything that special, just a scene of Tom Cruise, running panicked through Times Square in New York City. Only Times Square is completely devoid of traffic or pedestrians. As is every street we can see down. New York, effectively, is empty. Whether this was done legitimately or with digital effects (or a combination of both), I don't know. And I couldn't tell, either. It's a powerful shot to launch what should have been a powerful movie.

Sadly, it's a bit downhill from there. While Vanilla Sky is a solid effort, it's unfortunately short of genius. The very project is a bit curious. Is Cameron Crowe, the permanent teenager responsible for perfectly good yet light-as-a-feather comedies like Jerry Maguire and Almost Famous, up to the challenge of remaking a Spanish psychodrama? Crowe goes through the motions, and from time to time he proves that he can handle heavier material, but Vanilla Sky is too murky to be much more than a holiday distraction -- far from the cult classic that the original Abre los Ojos (Open Your Eyes) has become.

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Say Anything... Review

Rewatch today what is inevitably going to be one of your favorite movies and see if you don't agree: John Cusack and Ione Skye are one of cinema's biggest loser couples ever. He's into kickboxing. She's the class brain. Together they're a mess, but God help us if we don't want them to end up together. Cameron Crowe crafts one of his best films around the end-of-high-school ennui and the uncertainties that come with that time in your life, but Say Anything... is aging faster than you might think, despite its many classic lines and moments.

Fast Times At Ridgemont High Review

What, you ask, is this movie of movies? This one which you've heard about? It's an eighties thing, with not much appeal for the modern troupe because its slower paced, less funny, than what you might see today. But, like a lot of eighties movies, it holds its own merit. This adaptation of the book by Cameron Crowe (don't know who he is? I'll give you a hint. He wrote and directed the famous line "Did you know the human brain weighs eight pounds?" That's right, the maker of Jerry Maguire and Singles) is a coming-of-age drama about a young girl making the choice all of us make, sex or a relationship.Sure, we tell ourselves that both can exist, and they can, but there is the line that she draws: if she wants to sleep around or if she wants to have something to hold onto. And the movie, in a nutshell, is about that. It follows her and her friends during their last year in High School in the small town of Ridgemont. Where each one of them ends up with their troubles, ranging from no girlfriend to an abortion to adultery. It sounds serious, right?That's not quite on target.The movie has its serious moments, but it has its funny moments too: from two girls practicing blow jobs on a carat at a lunch table to a guy cruising for chicks dressed in a pirate cap. The movie is sublimely funny. And interesting. It's very sad, in my mind, that those things are so rarely seen in the 90s.

Elizabethtown Review

Soundtracks to Cameron Crowe's movies are often as memorable as the films themselves. Crowe's most famous marriage of cinema and song has to be John Cusack's radio hoist to the beat of Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes." Three years later, the 1992 relationship comedy Singles tapped into Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Alice in Chains before Seattle's music scene flamed out. And Almost Famous reminded us of the unifying power of Elton John's "Tiny Dancer."

Crowe's uncanny knack for turning up the volume has allowed countless scenes to soar to their potential. One problem nagging Elizabethtown, Crowe's most awkward project to date, is that the director is obligated to crank the knob again and again to overcome bland performances and missed emotional connections. He has assembled another astonishing collection of inspirational rock tracks, but for the first time the soundtrack outshines the accompanying movie by a long shot.

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Jerry Maguire Review

Let's all breathe a sigh of relief that we've got Almost Famous, for without that giddy skip down music's memory lane, there's a chance Jerry Maguire would have been considered the quintessential Cameron Crowe movie.

Not that Maguire is a bad movie ... it isn't. Nor is it an overwhelmingly fantastic movie, despite what its five Academy Award nominations would have you believe (the film was nominated for Best Picture and Tom Cruise for Best Actor, but only co-star Cuba Gooding Jr. walked away with a statuette). It's just not Crowe's most complete, recognized picture, a distinction that ultimately belongs to Famous. Hence the sigh of relief.

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Cameron Crowe

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