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Mark Ruffalo Rules Out Future Hulk Movies

14th September 2012

Mark Ruffalo has dismissed the idea of appearing in future 'Hulk' films.The 44-year-old actor starred as Bruce Banner/Hulk in summer blockbuster 'Avengers Assemble' but he has ruled out appearing in any future standalone films about...

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Mike Tyson Wants To Star In Musicals

13th September 2012

Mike Tyson wants to star in musicals.The 46-year-old former boxer - who made a Cameo in comedy 'The Hangover' as himself - wants to branch out and try a new career in order to entertain...

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Rihanna Wants Scarface Role

31st August 2012

Rihanna wants a role in the 'Scarface' remake.The 24-year-old singer is desperate to be cast in Universal Pictures' reboot of the classic 1983 Al Pacino gangster film in the part of Elvira Hancock, who was...

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One Direction Turned Into Comic Book Characters

30th August 2012

One Direction have been turned into comic book characters.The 'What Makes You Beautiful' hitmakers will appear in magazine 'Fame: One Direction' when it's released in shops and the book will follow their rise from the...

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Alexa Chung Planning Fashion Range

23rd August 2012

Alexa Chung is launching her own fashion line. The British TV presenter - who is well known for her style choices and has previously had a Mulberry bag named after her - claims she has...

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Justin Bieber Lands The Simpsons Cameo

22nd August 2012

Justin Bieber has landed a Cameo role on 'The Simpsons'.The 18-year-old singer will make a brief appearance on an upcoming episode of the hit cartoon comedy called 'The Fabulous Baker Boy' as a talent show...

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Vivienne Jolie-pitt Lands Film Role

22nd August 2012

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's daughter Vivienne has landed her first film role.The four-year-old tot is set to follow in her parents' footsteps after Angelina helped her get her first acting gig, playing her on-screen...

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John Goodman To Star In The Hangover Iii

17th August 2012

John Goodman is to star in 'The Hangover III'. The 60-year-old actor looks set to play an antagonist in the third instalment of the comedy franchise and his part is believed to be a similar...

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Heather Graham Returning To Hangover Iii

10th August 2012

Heather Graham is returning to 'Hangover III'. The 42-year-old actress is set to reprise her role as Las Vegas stripper Jade - who married Ed Helms' alter-ego Stu in the comedy franchise's debut movie in...

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Justin Bieber Wants To Act

9th August 2012

Justin Bieber wants to pursue an acting career.The 'Boyfriend' singer has been bitten by the acting bug and hopes to be cast in more roles in the future following his appearance on 'CSI: Crime Scene...

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One Direction To Perform At Olympics Closing Ceremony

9th August 2012

One Direction are due to perform at Sunday night's London 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony. 'The X Factor' 2010 contestants have reportedly been given their own moving island for a five-minute cameo in the show.Harry, Zayn,...

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Kate Beckinsale Almost Played Three-breasted Woman

3rd August 2012

Kate Beckinsale has revealed she was originally going to play the three-breasted prostitute in the new 'Total Recall' film.The actress agreed to make a guest appearance as the woman because her husband Len Wiseman was...

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Alexa Chung To Star In Gossip Girl

2nd August 2012

Alexa Chung is to appear in 'Gossip Girl'.The 28-year-old British presenter was seen on set in New York City yesterday (01.08.12) sporting full hair and make-up and wearing a blue and red dress for filming.However,...

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Tom Hiddleston To Appear In Family Guy

30th July 2012

Tim Hiddleston and Sean Bean are to appear together in a new episode of 'Family Guy'.The British actors will both have guest roles in the hit US animated comedy and, according to Total Film, they...

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Queen Elizabeth: My Olympics Cameo Was 'A Laugh'

29th July 2012

Britain's Queen Elizabeth thinks her Olympic Games Opening Ceremony cameo was a ''bit of a laugh''. The 86-year-old royal took part in a pre-recorded segment with James Bond actor Daniel Craig before appearing to parachute...

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Warwick Davis Wanted Leprechaun Role

25th July 2012

Warwick Davis wishes he had been offered a role in the 'Leprechaun' remake.The 'Life's Too Short' actor portrayed the evil folklore creature in the previous six instalments in the franchise but has not yet been...

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Sophia Vergara Lands Family Guy Cameo

24th July 2012

Sophia Vergara has landed a cameo role on 'Family Guy'.The 'Modern Family' actress will appear as main character Peter Griffin's sexual fantasy in an upcoming episode of the eleventh season of the animated FOX show....

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Ben Stiller To Reunite With Jonah Hill On New Comedy

23rd July 2012

Ben Stiller and Jonah Hill are set to star in new comedy 'Aloha'.The actors are currently appearing in 'The Watch' together - which tells the story of a neighborhood watch group that must defend Earth...

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Hasselhoff Set To Return To Baywatch , Playing Himself

17th July 2012

The long-rumored feature-film version of Baywatch may finally be approaching reality, David Hasselhoff, the star of the original TV series, has confirmed. In an interview at the White Nights of St. Petersburg arts festival with...

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Johnny Depp To Appear On Family Guy

12th July 2012

Johnny Depp is to make a cameo appearance in 'Family Guy'.The 'Dark Shadows' actor will return to his title role from 1990 movie 'Edward Scissorhands' for a brief gag in the adult animation.The 49-year-old star...

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George Michael Saved By Kate Moss

6th July 2012

Kate Moss plays George Michael's ''saviour'' in his new music video.The British supermodel has a cameo role in the film which accompanies his forthcoming single 'White Light' - which the 'Careless Whisper' star wrote following...

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Benedict Cumberbatch To Star In The Simpsons

5th July 2012

Benedict Cumberbatch is making a cameo appearance in 'The Simpsons'.The British actor landed a voice role in the famous animated sitcom following a chance meeting in Los Angeles.He explained: ''I was at a meeting in...

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Cheryl Cole Confirmed For Glee?

3rd July 2012

Cheryl Cole will appear in 'Glee'.Jane Lynch - who plays coach Sue Sylvester in the musical TV show - has confirmed talks have been on-going for the 29-year-old star to take part in the show,...

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Cheryl Cole Raps On Track With

20th June 2012

Cheryl Cole rapped on a track with but it never made the final cut of her album. The former 'X Factor' judge, who is currently at No.1 in the UK Top 40 with 'Call...

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Kate Moss To Appear In George Michael Video

18th June 2012

Kate Moss is set to appear in George Michael's new pop video. The supermodel was devastated when she was not selected to be one of a host of models to appear in the singer's 1990...

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Movie Reviews Rock Of Ages

15th June 2012

Over rock and roll's "ages" since the 1950s -- and especially since the 1980s -- pop music lovers have split into separate in-groups, each one becoming a veritable religion unto itself, each one scorning the...

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Kim Kardashian Wants Part In UK Soap

13th June 2012

Kim Kardashian wants a part in 'Coronation Street'.The 31-year-old socialite has asked a top American movie producer who works in London to speak to their UK contacts about a cameo role in the British soap.Kim...

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Kate Moss To Make Movie Debut?

10th June 2012

Kate Moss could be set to make her movie debut.The British supermodel made a cameo appearance in an 'Absolutely Fabulous' special charity episode for Sport Relief and show creator Jennifer Saunders enjoyed working with her...

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Verne Troyer Trapped In Airplane Toilet

1st June 2012

Verne Troyer got trapped in an airplane toilet for 20 minutes. The diminutive 'Austin Powers' star was livid when he couldn't reach the door handle in the toilets of the Virgin Atlantic upper class deck...

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Michael Lohan: Lindsay Was On Drugs On Snl

30th May 2012

Lindsay Lohan's disastrous 'Saturday Night Live' performance was due to prescription drugs, her father has claimed.Michael Lohan claims the troubled actress is no longer taking any illegal substances but says medicine provided by her doctors...

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