When Lloyd is released from prison, he finds himself confronted with responsibility as his girlfriend Jemma is pregnant and he knows that his criminal antics must stop if he wants to be a proper father. Unfortunately, his childhood friends don't seem to have the same ideas and when they rope him into an illegal money-making scheme, he is at odds to refuse. He and his five friends break into a derelict block of flats where they used to live as children in order to put together a pirate radio station, do some DJing, smoke some joints and have a party. However, things don't go according to plan when Jemma separates from the group and disappears and the gang can't find her anywhere though find themselves sensing a dark presence nearby. As much as they try and dismiss the idea of someone in the building, claiming to know it better than anybody else, the members of the group find themselves amidst a series of grisly and vengeful murders and they are soon doing everything they can to escape from the building while dodging several lethal traps. Will anybody survive?

'Comedown' is a British horror directed by Menhaj Huda ('Kidulthood') and written by Steven Kendall ('Capital Punishment'). With production credits from Gareth Wiley ('Vicky Cristina Barcelona', 'Cassandra's Dream') and Dominic Norris ('The Penalty King', 'Guilty Hearts'), it is likely to be a gripping thrill ride that will keep you spooked long after the movie ends. Released on DVD and Blu Ray on January 28th 2013.

Directed by Menhaj Huda 

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