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The Turning

The Turning Review

Life-changing moments feature in each of the nine short films in this Australian anthology, and each is told with remarkable artistry and sensitivity. While the filmmakers use different styles of filmmaking, there's a clever connection between the shorts, as themes of inner longing are made resonant by earthy honesty. So even if each brief segment film feels like just a fragment of an idea, taken together the film is remarkably moving.

It opens and closes with the animated "Ash Wednesday", using the T.S. Elliot poem to explore the idea of communal memory. From here a variety of mini-stories unfurl, often using the same character names even though the films are dramas, comedies or documentaries, and many have no dialogue at all. The lighter clips include "Reunion", in which a couple (Cate Blanchett and Richard Roxburgh) are surprised that spending Christmas with his mum isn't as awful as expected. "Cockleshell" follows a young guy (Toby Wallace) who's obsessed with the girl (Brenna Harding) next door. And both "Big World" and "Boner McPharlin's Moll" take lively kaleidoscopic looks at how reality is often nothing like our idea of how things should be.

Other segments are dark and provocative, including "Aquifer", about a man (Callan Mulvey) who is pushed by a news headline to recall a painful childhood memory. Two young boys (Jakory and Jarli-Russell Blanco) have a creepy adventure while on a beach day out with their dad and uncles in "Sand". The most moving film is "Commission", in which a young man (Josh McConville) drives to the outback to tell his estranged dad (Hugo Weaving) that his mother is dying. The best performance comes from Rose Byrne in the eponymous "The Turning", as a trailer-trash wife and mother whose friendship with a rich woman (Miranda Otto) sparks a religious epiphany. And the most unforgettable short is "Long, Clear View", impressively directed by Mia Wasikowska, which follows a young boy (Matthew Shanley) playing with his dad's rifle.

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Picture - Callan Mulvey - Australian actor... Los Angeles California United States, Monday 27th October 2014

Callan Mulvey - Australian actor Callan Mulvey departs Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) - Los Angeles, California, United States - Monday 27th October 2014

Picture - Callan Mulvey - 3rd Annual... Santa Monica California United States, Sunday 26th October 2014

Callan Mulvey - 3rd Annual Australians in Film Awards benefit gala - Arrivals at Fairmont Miramar Hotel - Santa Monica, California, United States - Sunday 26th October 2014

Miss Meadows

Picture - Callan Mulvey - The premiere... Los Angeles California United States, Monday 21st July 2014

Callan Mulvey - The premiere of Marvel's 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood - Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Monday 21st July 2014

Callan Mulvey:
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Its great to see Callan doing well i wish i could catch up with him i was the driver behind him in that shocking accident up near Byron Bay i was the first to his car and what i saw has shocked me for life in my mind i saved his life and all have to do to close this chapter in my life is to shake his hand one day anyway good luck.

7 years 1 month ago
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