Much better than Meet the Fockers," this family-friendly film uses virtually the same batch of vomit jokes, pee jokes, slapstick, chases and exploding cars. But this time we have Ice Cube, who possesses a remarkable screen presence and star power, plus an ability to effortlessly switch from cuddly comedy to fearsome drama. Cube flows with the material instead of against it, immersing himself in it, no matter how embarrassed he might be.

He plays Nick Persons, a sports collectibles dealer who volunteers to bring two kids from Oregon to Vancouver to impress a girl, the children's mother (Nia Long). The flimsy plot arranges vague excuses to avoid planes and trains and get the trio into an automobile, so that the rebellious children can wreck Nick's fancy new ride. None of the film's major events are very funny or interesting, but Cube manages a few delightfully funny and charming small moments in-between the big plot turns.

Tracy Morgan provides the voice for a Satchel Paige bobblehead that advises Nick from time to time. Jay Mohr co-stars, and Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura from "Star Trek") makes a "special appearance."

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