British pop rockers Busted find it "degrading" when people label them as a boy band.

The all-male three-piece say the term is unjustified because they write all their own songs and refuse to perform dance routines - and blame talent-seeking TV shows like Pop Idol for ruining the industry for genuine players.

Band member JAMES BOURNE says, "The term boy band p***es us off. We don't do what boy bands do."

Lead singer Charlie Simpson agrees, "For people to call us a boy band is offensive. It's degrading."

And guitarist MATT JAY adds, "We are boys and we are in a band, but we are not a boy band. We don't dance, and we write our own songs."

The three YEAR 3000 hitmakers are also unimpressed with the state of the British pop charts, and blame reality shows for the demise of pop credibility.

Simpson explains, "Pop is in a shocking state at the moment."

Bourne adds, "It's all because of Pop Idol, man. People watch that rubbish and think that's what music is all about."

Jay agrees, "Win a competition, get a record deal, get styled, get a song given to them, then get in the charts two weeks later. They've completely spoilt everything."

Simpson clarifies, "Personally, I think that is ruining the music industry. It's all about guys in suits behind a desk trying to make money."

07/08/2003 14:18